Practice Facility


for the Crush Zone

     Thanks to our new partnership with the Highland Community College Baseball Team, the Crush Zone, our indoor practice facility is now equipped with turf. We now have 3 hitting/pitching tunnels, a skills drills area, plus a strength & conditioning area, all completely covered with padded field turf.

     Many thanks goes out to: HCC's Roger Fegan, Head Baseball Coach, without whom there would be no turf, Pete Alber, who helped out, above and beyond, to get the turf in the elevator and up to the 3rd floor. Last, but certainly not least, Thank you very much to all of the parents, players, coaches, grand parents, and all of our volunteers who helped with the installation of the turf. It was great turn out, with each team well represented.

Thank You All Very Much

- Crush Board

New Turf - 1/2/2017

Crush Zone bt (before turf)

Rawleigh Building- Downtown Freeport